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Privacy Policy

I. Introduction: Thank you for visiting the Onyx Webshop. Your personal privacy is respected and protected by the website. To help you understand how the website collects, uses and protects your personal information,
be sure to read the "Privacy Policy".
ll. Scope of Application:
1. Applicable: The "Onyx Webshop" or its related activities involving personal information collection, use, and protection.
2. Not Applicable: Independently managed and operated third-party websites linked through the Onyx website . Each website has its own unique privacy policy and liability. When users make an inquiry on these
websites, be sure to follow the particular website's privacy policy regarding personal information.
lll. Policy Content:
1. Collect Information:
- When browsing and downloading files from the Onyx website, personal information will not be collected.
- The website will record your IP address, time of Internet access, and the number of information searches.
- When using various services on the Onyx website, such as quote inquiry, users are asked to provide their full name, phone, fax, e-mail and other personal information.
2. Information Use: For internal website management purposes, website access information, traffic and online behavior can be processed for analysis to enhance service quality without identifying an individual user.
3. Information Sharing: Unless agreed to, Onyx Healthcare Inc. will never sell, exchange, or share any of your personal information to other groups, individuals or private companies except under the following circumstances:
- As legally required to cooperate with the lawful administration of justice.
- As legally required to cooperate with the related authorities in accordance with operational needs for investigation or use.
- Disclosure required by law, or for maintenance, improvement and management of the website service.
4. Cookies on Your Browser:
- To provide a better, more personalized service, and to facilitate your participation in activities, cookies are updated as your personal activities on the website change.
- In order to count the number of visitors and analyze browsing patterns to understand the state of web browsing, the website will write and read cookies in your browser.
IV. Contact: If you have any questions or comments regarding the privacy policy on this website, please contact us.
V. Revision of Privacy Policy: The Privacy Policy of this website will be revised at any time as required and published on the website.

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