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Onyx Healthcare ACCEL-VM1000 wins Best Choice Award at COMPUTEX


The Onyx Medical Surgical Robotic AI Image Computing Platform (ACCEL-VM1000) was awarded the Best Choice Award at COMPUTEX TAIPEI, the world’s second largest ICT procurement platform, and largest in the Asia Pacific region. The award includes functionality, innovation and market potential as the main considerations for judging.

I am extremely proud that our ACCEL-VM1000 was awarded the Best Choice Award at COMPUTEX TAIPEI this year, proving that it is, without a doubt, one of the best medical surgical robotic AI image computing platforms available. When we developed the ACCEL-VM1000, our ambition was to create world’s most ultra-powerful medical AI image computing platform featuring dual graphics cards. Two high-end NVIDIA GPUs powered by 12th Gen Intel® Xeon® and Core™ i9 processors and up to 128GB of ECC or non-ECC memory provide lightning-fast computing performance for even the most demanding medical imaging applications. The next generation of powerful medical imaging computers has arrived with the ACCEL-VM1000, and it’s a remarkable solution that will both impress you and provide many years’ worth of hard-working service. 

Peter Chen - VP of Onyx Healthcare Inc.


The ACCEL-VM1000 leverages NVIDIA technology to provide two high end GPU solutions with 12th Generation Xeon or i9 Intel processors and up to 128GB ECC or Non-ECC memory to provide the maximum AI computing power in medical image applications. ACCEL-VM1000 not only provides three expansion slots to integrate two graphic cards, including an NVIDIA RTXA6000 and one capture card, but also has an excellent thermal solution to ensure reliability of the system, making the ACCEL-VM1000 the best solution for medical AI image computing.


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