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Onyx Healthcare cooperates with Cognito Health to build a patient safety prediction system to take advantage of growing business opportunities in smart medical care


In addition to our continuing dedication to the AI ​​smart medical device market, Onyx Healthcare will cooperate with Cognito Health to expand access into new domestic and foreign medical care markets. The patient safety early warning system jointly built by Onyx Healthcare and Cognito Health will have thousands of units deployed in the second half of the year, doubling to 10,000 units by next year, adding greater momentum to Onyx Healthcare operations.


Patient safety is a top priority in clinical care. Statistically, fall incidents in hospitals has exceeded 17,000 in total in the past year. How to prevent patients from falling and being injured? As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues and nursing staffs are being stretched to the breaking point everywhere, patient safety and clinical care are facing greater challenges than they used to be.

Cognito Health predictive patient monitoring is a contact-free system for patient safety. By placing an ultra-thin sensor with over 200 sensing points, an ordinary hospital bed can be easily upgraded to a smart mattress. The sensor detects the in-bed movement 24/7 and predicts patient’s behavior to reduce fall incidents and pressure injuries, improving the patient safety and quality of care. Continuous detection of heart rate and respiration rate also provides better insight of patient’s condition.


Kevin Lin, General Manager of Cognito Health, noted, “Currently, there are some hospitals and nursing care centers in Taiwan using Cognito Health systems. We have received the orders from Europe and the United States in the second half of the year, pushing Cognito Health to a global market.” Peter Chen, Director of Product & Marketing of Onyx Healthcare, added, “Through our cooperation with Cognito Health, Onyx Healthcare hopes to provide a smart medical care application shared by doctors and patients that helps medical staff make better informed care decisions while reducing unnecessary medical costs.”

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